Gambling Website for Slot Fans – SlotJoint Casino Review

Author: Bruce Robertson

The MoonsCasino was designed to provide outstanding gambling experience for users from Canada and other countries of the world. The majority of the online casinos do not manage to provide the true spirit and atmosphere of the the most popular gambling facilities while Moons Casino administration managed to build either engaging activities and user area for the players.

The online website design complies to the highest standards of web development in 2021, thus it is well-optimized, reliable and is features with pleasant general appearance. Most of the online casinos do not pay much attention to how the website looks like in the view of the customer, however, here in MoonsCasino there was made everything to make a smooth performance and intuitive navigation for all those who want to try their luck.

Along with the design the website can also be estimated for the outstanding promotions like deposit bonuses, free spins, additional perks, and all those offers that are sent to the users’ emails. What is more about the online casino is the fact that it is cross-platform, thus any of you can enjoy the slot machines, roulette or baccarat on your mobile phone or tablet, not via the desktop browser only.

All of these features, pros and cons of the service are to be reviewed in details and are going to be fully disclosed in our article which is dedicated to the MoonsCasino casino. Use this article to make a decision on whether you want to try your luck in this casino or maybe there are others that fit to your tastes more.

In order to start the first topic we are going to disclose in this review is the online casino user interface – which is the first thing every visitor can estimate when he or she hits the website.

User Interface

Most of the gamblers pay much attention to the user interface and user-friendliness of the service due to the fact it is very important to make sure that nothing will distract you from the gambling process. It has to be said that in this casino the administration has managed the task of providing well appearance, thus you won’t have to suffer from poor design.

The elements on the website are well-colored and make you feel the spirit of gambling while the design itself is responsive and looks just like it has to look in the year 2021 so the players from Canada and the rest of the world won’t be dissatisfied with that.

Concerning the usability of the website, there is nothing bad to be said. It is well-optimized so all the elements load quickly and you do not suffer connection problems on the side of the service. This is very important for a technical part of the casino to operate smooth, as there can be nothing worse than having issues during the match when you are waiting for results.

It is rather easy to navigate among the website pages, so any module you need or any information you need to find out can be retrieved in several clicks and less than a minute due to the advanced logistics for the users provided by the website developers. Here you can easily reach the category section with the list of games included, or you can cash-in the necessary amount of funds via the cashier zone – all of these main things can be done in 2 or 3 clicks.

Thus, we can give a high grade to the online casino usability and user-friendliness, so we can move to other important features that need to be reviewed.

By the way there is one more thing to be mentioned as an undoubtable advantage of the casino among the casinos – an opportunity of a single click registration which can be executed in case you have a Facebook account.

For the majority of the online casinos there is no option to link your account to the online casino so have to fill the forms manually, while all those who want to get a link with a social network or seek for the simpler registration process there is provided such an opportunity which is surely a good thing to consider.


The majority of the online casinos launch promotions and marketing campaigns just because this is something that all other online casinos do. That is what you cannot say about the Moons casino as here you will find only the personalized and very thoughtful bonus codes and perks for gamblers which can boost your user experience dramatically.

What you really need to be concerned about when talking about the website promos is to make sure you get informed about those promo codes that are coming and available for you at the moment. This can be reached if you make sure you are subscribed to the service newsletter, as that is how the majority of online casinos inform players about their special offers. By the way, make sure you do not close the pop-up windows when you play casino games as launching pop-ups is another way to provide an instant notification of players about the events they can participate in.

Welcome Bonuses for New Players

The Moons Casino has made it all to provide players with a reason to sign up to the website. What you get when get registered is as much as 25 free spins and 200% bonus funds on the first deposit you make.

Note that usually you get free spins as an addition to the welcome bonus, however, you get those automatically on your account – all you need to do redeem the coupon is to make a minimum deposit.

After you cope with that you can enter the Free Spins section to see what kind of games you can play in with the extra spins you have been granted with. It actually looks like a no deposit bonus which you can get in some of the casinos, however, there is no wager for free spins.

Moreover, new players get bonus funds not only for making their first deposit – you can claim for additional funds when you make up to 5 deposits and here is the table which shows how much you extra funds you are going to get on your account for each deposit made.

Moreover, newcomers can also experience outstanding gambling experience by participating in tournaments for new players that are held each month in the casino. That means that each new player that has just signed up to the online casino can participate in the tournament and win up to $200 for the first place or free spins for those close the 5 position in the leaders’ table. The terms and conditions for each tournament vary.

One more unique thing both for newcomers and those who is already playing in online casino are bonuses for crypto deposits. If you use one of the crypto payment methods eligible on the website you can get up to 400% bonus funds on your account. Along with the fact that the majority of online casinos do not allow players to cash-in with crypto, this can be a strong argument for you to choose the Moons Casino.

Special Offers

After you play for a while in a casino and benefit from all those promos eligible for newcomers, you shouldn’t be thinking that the reward’s parade is over, as you can also claim a huge amount of various bonuses on the daily basis.

Each day there are available various promo codes – for cashbacks, for free spins, for deposit bonuses and many other perks.

In the Promotions page there is a list of the daily offers you can choose from. For example, each Monday you can claim a 200% deposit bonus, each Thursday 25%, and when it comes to Saturday you can get as much as 300% of extra funds on your balance!

However, if you think that there is nothing more to pay attention for when it comes to promo codes in the Moons Casino you are surely mistaken.

How about the 15% Cashback on all of your deposits which you can claim each Monday on a weekly basis? Just imagine that this week you had a bad luck and lost $300 on slots. Well, with this kind of loyalty program you can claim back as much as $45 on your balance completely for free. There are not many casinos offering such an option to all members.

You may think that all of the given above in the promotion section is already enough to signed up to the casino instantly. Well, you did not yet heard about the tournaments that are held in the casino on the permanent basis.


Tournaments are the competitions held among players which you can participate in to win cash, free spins or any other prizes. For example, there is Grand VIP Tournament that is held three time a week and all you need to participate is to simply make a deposit of at least $500 – afterwards you get scores which can bring you as much as $10000 just for playing if you get a first place. Do not get upset if you get 2,3,4 or 5 place as you will also get cash on your account if you manage to cope with that.

There are also other tournaments you can participate in. Now there are tournaments that are hold each Thursday and Sunday where you can win thousands of dollars just for nothing.

Note that there are also tournaments hold on special occasions so do not miss them and make sure you check your mailbox and promotions sections constantly to be aware of new events held.

Tournaments, daily promotions and generous welcome package – this is much more to offer by the Moon Casino than the majority of other online gambling facilities do. However, there is not the end as you can also participate in the Races – the unique activity held only in the Moons Casino.


Races are outstanding competitions on the slot machines held by the online casino on the constant basis. There can be several races held simultaneously and all the players can participate no matter which status they have. Usually races take no more than an hour and all you need to do is to make bets in the slots and win points which are proportional to the money you win. Do you get it? You can win extra cash if you win in a race just for playing online slots.

In order to join the Race all you need to do is to enter the Races page in the casino and press the Join Race button. Afterwards there will be a countdown started during which you need to take as much points as you can and in the end you are going to get a prize for a first, second or third place in real money or free spins.

This is an outstanding way to vary and make it even more engaging your gambling activity. All those who love online slots should participate in the Race at least once to take part in a contest with other slot machine enthusiasts.

Loyalty Program – Casino Moons VIP Club

Just like as any other good online casino in the Moons there i made it all to reward the most royal and dedicated gamblers which is the reason why the VIP Club was founded. You can get to the VIP and get more and more benefits from being a member if you have a high activity on the website. The more you play, the more bonuses you can claim and it is an outstanding thing to have a personalized attitude. Here you can see the table of VIP Club members levels which you can get and the bonuses and perks they can claim for.

So let’s follow the order. In order to get a VIP status you need to make more deposits, more bets, participate in special events held by the online casino and in the result your points balance will grow leading you to more and more high level of your membership.

What can that give to you? That is what you can find out in the table on the picture. You will get birthday and anniversary bonuses, personalized customer support, which means that you will get a manager who is going to offer you as much attention as you need.

The VIP players can also make bets on a bigger sums starting Titanium level, participate in the exclusive tournaments with high stakes held only for the most reputable and loyal players of the online casino.

However, there is one thing that wasn’t pointed out in the table – each VIP player gets personalized bonuses and promotions on the mailbox based on once preferences. That means that you will get the best gambling service you could count on in case you become a member of the VIP Club.

Mobile Gambling in the Moons Casino

The only thing that cannot be called a shortcoming for the Moons Casino is the fact there is no mobile app which you can download and play on your Android and iPhone. This is a bad sign for those who got used to use apps for gambling. However, that unpleasant fact is compensated by another one – you can totally enjoy the gambling process if you use the browser on your smartphone or tablet as the website is fully mobile optimized.

The casino looks almost the same when you launch it on the smartphone and the games still can be played easily if you have installed the last version of Flash Player. You can apply for the same bonuses and games when you use the mobile version of the online casino so there is no need to make a hard choice on whether you prefer to use PC desktop or smartphone, just use the one you feel more comfortable about.

For example if you can claim a bonus of 50 free spins in the mobile version of the online casino you can use it also on your PC, and vice versa if you can claim a bonus of 100 free spins on the desktop version you can use it on your mobile phone as well.

For mobile version there are also free games you can play in without making a deposit to try out the casino features and you should make it clear that the majority of the games will provide the same smooth performance.

In case you have any issues with login or any other problems you can contact the support service via the mobile version of the website easily so to conclude the mobile version of Moons Casino is as functional and user-friendly as the desktop version.

Demo Gambling

Those who play in online casinos often know that there are different games in all of them and your gaming experience can vary depending on whether the casino provides high payouts or has included high-quality games to the list of the software. Well, here you can check the games in the casino Moons for being good enough to play in.

All you need to do is to enter the category section and choose the game you are interested and click on it. Afterwards, it is needed to launch the machine on the separate page and use your demo balance.

Here you cannot really play for real money as these free games are intended only for fun when it comes to demo gambling. However, it is a good way to find the most engaging game, and after you cope with this task you can easily make a deposit with real money and thus start gaming for prizes and rewards.


When you make a choice among the online casinos it is okay to be hesitating which one to choose as the majority of them look quite similar on the first view. Only after you try out the online casino you can figure out whether it is good for you. You also can read a review like this one to make a grounded opinion. However, when it comes to the casino Moons it is obvious that this online gambling facility is surely worth of being considered.

Here you can feel the true gambling spirit due to the responsive design and smooth performance of the website. you also can enjoy mobile gambling as the website is fully mobile optimized and is well prepared for gambling on any smartphone or tablet and all you need is a browser and Flash player installed in it.

If you want to get more from the gaming process do not hesitate to use the bonus codes which are available for all players and participate in the special events held by the casino administration as here you can get better terms to win more and lose less.

All those who are concerned about the quality of gaming experience should note that there is a wide choice of games made by the online casino and most of those are engaging and can satisfy even the most demanding gambler.

Moreover when it comes to any kind of issues on the technical part or if you have any questions about the way casino works you can contact the customer service that cares about clients.

To conclude, there are not so many casinos that provide such an outstanding service both for the dedicated gamblers and those who has never experienced gambling, so just sign up to the website and try the games that you like.